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Our daughter, Anna, has been reading with Dedee for six months. With Dedee's help, Anna's reading "clicked" and she advanced an entire grade level.

Dedee is a wizard. Anna loves her, because she makes reading fun and easy. Our family is learning a lot, too!

We highly recommend Dedee and her brilliant teaching.

Heather Lewis
Parent, 1st Grader
(Boulder, CO)

Dedee and I hae been homeschooling my 14 year old son, Ben, since he completed 5th grade 18 months ago. Ben has dyslexia and is also mildly autistic. He found it extremely difficult to learn while attending elementary school.

Since working with Dedee three mornings each week, Ben, who could barely read when he began working with her, has improved his reading to such an extent that he is just about at grade level.

His writing, grammar, spelling and vocabulary skills have improved significantly as well. Ben is doing work my husband and I never thought he was capable of doing.

Dedee, for the first time, has given us hope for his future!

Because I have witnessed Dedee's incredible teaching skills and her ability to relate so easily to our teenage son, I strongly recommend her as a literacy specialist for middle-school-aged students.

Lisa Strid
Parent of homeschooled Middle School student
(Boulder, CO)

Dedee Lane is my literacy angel. She has been working with a student who entered my class with very low self-esteem and put forth very minimal effort. At that time, he was reading at a kindergarten level.

Since working with Dedee over the last several months, he is reading at second grade level and progressing every day in all subject areas. I believe that this is because Dedee taught him to believe in himself and showed him what an awesome learner he is.

He is truly a second grade star, and I have to hand it to Dedee because he wouldn't be where he is today without all of her hard work, dedication and love.

Jolie Evans
2nd Grade Teacher
Heatherwood Elementary School
(Boulder, CO)

When our daughter first started working with Dedee, she was a full grade level behind in her reading, she was struggling and resistant. Not only did Dedee work effectively with her to dramatically improve her reading skills (after a year she’s now reading solidly at grade level and continuing to trend well), but Dedee has been able to facilitate a tremendous shift in our daughter’s relationship to reading itself.

While there continues to be periodic resistance, the difference is night and day. Not only is the improvement in her reading quantitatively demonstrable, but she now FEELS like a competent and capable reader. It’s had a tremendous impact on her self-image, and the ripple effects on her whole relationship to school are not to be underestimated. We are happy to recommend Dedee as a reading tutor.

Lauren J. Hammer & Dr. Karen Thorson
Whittier Elementary Parents
(Boulder, CO)

My daughter is in fourth grade. Since working with Dedee her confidence has grown by leeps and bounds. She also absolutely loves reading and writing, which was not the case before work began.

We go to Dedee on Tuesday and we call it Dedee Day because we know it’s going to be a great day.

Ann Drucker
(Boulder, CO)

My daughter believed that she was not a good reader. I believed that she was not a good reader - primarily because her school had told me she was behind grade level for the last 3 years.

Because Dedee took the time to gain my daughter's trust and confidence, we discovered that she was reading above grade level! In fact, Dedee's love of phonics and reading was so infectious that my daughter has continued to be excited and happy about reading.

I cannot recommend Dedee Lane highly enough.

Joy Eckstine
Parent, 3rd Grader
(Boulder, CO)

When most kids think of tutoring they automatically think, “I don’t need tutoring. I’m not far behind in school.” But Dedee’s tutoring is different from what you might think of as tutoring. She gets to know your personality and gets materials just right for you. Not only are the materials really helping you to learn, they’re also super fun.

I’m one of Dedee’s students and I think Dedee is a really great reading tutor.

4th Grade Student
(Boulder, CO)

Dedee has been tutoring my daughters, ages 7 and 10, for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier. At this point, both girls are doing above grade level work, but they continue to want to be tutored so it remains part of our weekly routine. Every week I am amazed by how much they are learning just in that one hour that they work with Dedee.

What makes it so easy for me is that my kids absolutely love going to Dedee’s. The atmosphere is loving, supportive, and challenging, and they always leave feeling encouraged and smart.

Not only are my children learning and thriving academically now, but their self confidence has soared. I see such a bright future for them -- one that may never have been possible without this tutoring. Thank you, Dedee!!

Jennifer Jacobs
Eisenhower Elementary Parent
(Boulder, CO)

In two months, our son has gone from almost no word recognition to being able to read simple books. He's not yet at par with his classmates but the change in his ability as well as his self-esteem has been an absolute wonder for all of us. Now we know that it's just a matter of more time, continued hard work, and masterful teaching using the techniques that are required for him to learn, and that's a big relief.

I don't say "just" lightly. Dedee has a unique combination of skills, intuition, innate preception and sheer tenacity that allows her to build on various classroom styles and perceive the individual pathway for each student while staying focused on the goal.

For us, it's been a family affair, and the experience of working together on something that had been so frustrating and having it become a delight is due to Dedee's specific intervention. It's been one of the biggest blessings in our lives since his birth.

Lark Corbeil, mother
(Boulder, CO)

Dear Dedee,

I'm thankful for all you've done to help me with my English. Now I'm speaking and writing almost like an American kid. I passed the CELA Student Proficiency test so I got from ESL to LA. My ESL teacher told me I was the first one in Casey to pass the test on the first try.

Perhaps I'm a quick learner, but I would never make it this far without you! All the time we spent going over the English basics and then jumping into the more advanced stuff helped me pick up everything I needed for school and got me honor roll (with two of them 4.0) for all of my quarters!

Thank you very much.

Casey Middle School Student
(Boulder, CO)

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